How World’s Highest-Paid Female Athlete Spends Her Millions

Maria Sharapova — the highest-earning female athlete in the world — is keenly aware of her multi-million dollar brand. She even flirted with changing her last name to “Sugarpova.”

That money has allowed her to live a globetrotting lifestyle with fancy clothes, expensive cars, and a young new boyfriend.

Sharapova made $27.1 million last year.

Source: Forbes

$5.1 million of that came from on-court winnings. She has made $25 million in winnings in her career.

Source: Forbes, WTA

She makes the real money ($20+ million per year) in endorsements with a long list of companies.

Source: Forbes

She signed an eight-year, $70 million deal with Nike in 2010.

Source: Forbes

Her latest big deal is a three-year agreement with Samsung.

Source: Bloomberg

Last year she launched a candy company called Sugarpova. It sells gum balls shaped like tennis balls, and other sweets.

Maria-Sharapova Julian Finney/Getty

She nearly changed her name to “Maria Sugarpova” to promote the candy, but ultimately decided against it.

Read more about it here

Beyond business, her good looks have allowed her to cross over to the fashion world.

Her every move is followed closely. The Internet freaked out when she announced that she cut her hair off… But she did have bangs once.

but-she-did-have-bangs-once Gustavo Caballero/Getty

All that money allows her to do some pretty wild things — like reportedly give away a $105,000 Porsche to her new boyfriend.

Maria-Sharapova-With-Red-Sports-Car Source: Blick

This is Grigor Dimitrov, Maria’s new boyfriend.

He’s a 21-year-old Bulgarian tennis player who is racing up the world rankings (he’s No.22 right now).

Maria-Sharapova-Ex Matthew Stockman/Getty

He’s Sharapova’s first boyfriend since ex-NBA player Sasha Vujacic.

Maria-Sharapova-With- Ex-Boyfriend Burak Kara/Getty

They were engaged at one point, but they broke things off last September. Now she’s in Grigor’s box at his matches.

Maria-Sharapova-At-Olympics Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Sharapova carried the Russian flag at the 2012 Olympics. But she lives in Florida when she’s not traveling.

Maria-Sharapova-Beijing Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal

Maria-Sharapova Quinn Rooney/Getty

While she continues to make more money off the court than on it, she’s still a good enough player to warrant her fame and fortune. After a shaky end to her 2013 season, she heads into 2014 ranked No. 4 in the world.

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