Strength Of A Woman, She IS Like FIRE


Not the fire which would burn down your houses and destroy your homes

But the fire which would defeat the darkness to ignite the world

Ignite the world to make way for justice
Yes she is like fire

The fire which would light up the world for you to look at the goodness still alive

Goodness still alive but buried deep down your ego

Yes she is like fire

The fire which would show you the way to get rid of the vicious circle

Vicious circle, your ego got you stuck in there

Yes she is like fire

The fire which is burning for the sake of humanity

For the sake of goodness,

For the sake of our Earth,

Our Earth that is mourning the tears of inhumanity

And she is like the fire which is burning to let you rediscover humanity:

Yes, a Woman, She IS like fire

The light from her flames will illuminate the path better chosen, as if glaring off of her, directly linked to the wisdom she posses. For, SHE IS LIKE FIRE, the keeper of its existence, & all love from above… May she find her way to your present, to light the way to your future. The woman who represents the strength and enlightenment of today.

The fire which is burning inside you, let the flames reach out and rediscover humanity.

From the Lyrics of Shaggy

Strength of a Woman,

“She’s the constant wind that fills my sail
Oh that woman
With her smile and her style, my
She’ll protect like a child
That’s a woman

She’ll put a smile upon yah face
And take you to that (ah) higher place
So don’t you under estimate
The strength of a woman
The strength of a woman”

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